Swim, Run, Punk, Rock, period – end of story. no further explanation.

The rules principles guidelines way we SWIMRUNPUNKROCK:

  • entry prerequisite is being a free-minded Swimrunner with at least one (1) DNF (did not finish) or DLF (dead last finish) in a Swimrun race.
    [EDIT 20170424: this is subject to change and may be hardened in the process to 1 DLF ONLY]
  • new members are chosen by full commitment of all current SWIMRUNPUNKROCKers only.
  • SWIMRUNPUNKROCK racing shall follow a bunch of ridiculous rules to be constantly added in consensus. It starts with these five (5) simple rules:
  • [1] You do not talk about SWIMRUNPUNKROCK. Or you do. A lot. Hell fuck it, your choice.
  • [2] Thou shalt race together in a minimum of two (2) SWIMRUNPUNKROCKers.
  • [3] Thou shalt not win a Swimrun race. Winning a race is for guys who seem to need it. We shall be kind people who let them have theirs. If you coincidentally do win a race make sure to sincerely apologize to the runners-up and drinks on you.
  • [4] Thou shalt jump freakily in racing. A SWIMRUNPUNKROCK race consists of two (2) summersaults minimum along the course (and yes, doing that on water entry is recommended).
  • [5] Thou shalt not forget the „drugs“ part beside the Sex and Rock’n’Roll thing. A SWIMRUNPUNKROCK race includes taking a minimum of two (2) liquor shots along the course, carefully placed right at the start of the longest swim section (which surely makes for interesting fun in Triathlons).


  • April 2, 2017: Ö till Ö World Series Hvar, Croatia
  • April 30, 2017: SwimrunMan Gorges du Verdon, France
    the fabulous Kathrin „right-left-right-left-foot“ Kathrin & Mic-O-Matic
  • May 14, 2017: Swimrun Hof, Germany:
    Jens „Halt’s Maul, Deutschland!“ M.  & Mic-O-Matic
  • June 11, Borås Swimrun, Sweden:
    J.H. „Whiskey is no hobby, it’s my profession“  & Mic-O-Matic
  • +- June 25, 2017: tbd:
    „Cyclists make better Lovers“ Triple Crown Series I
  • August 13, 2017: Ironman Hamburg, Germany:
    „Cyclists make better Lovers“ Triple Crown Series II
  • August 20, 2017: Allgäu Classic Triathlon, Germany:
    „Cyclists make better Lovers“ Triple Crown Series III
  • late season: SWIMRUNUNKROCK Grand Finale